Creator and innovator from web-apps to plastic recycling bikes. I love collaborating with people from all different backgrounds to create awesome products and solutions.

It all started very simply with some basic photography and building websites on the side. Now, more than 6 years later I have grown to projects that last more than half a year and have an impact on hundreds of people.

Feel free to contact me about ideas, collaborations or just to have a drink!

What I do


I love to help people come together and come up with awesome ideas.


Together with parties from all over the country, I develop products and solutions for problems of all kinds.


Using the best technology around to come up with even better, more efficient and more fun solutions and ideas.


I got a passion for bringing people together to making things happen.

What I look like

Have a look at these great photos to get an idea of what I look like.

Below are some of the companies and organizations I worked with over the years.


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