Brain Fuel

Igine your ideation

Brain Fuel is the fastest, easiest and funniest brainstorming method to help you solve problems and find opportunities. We have developed cards, methods and courses that will guide you to the best ideas during your brainstorming sessions.

What about me

Brain Fuel is in a constant state of development. As a startup we run into challenges on the daily. Solving those day to day challenges happens be my job. Enabling the business to scale and grow beyond the existing borders.

The crew changed from event to event. Giving us a fresh way of presenting the show every time. Whilst we did manage to keep a consistent level of quality with the help of two or three regular crew members.

Our mission is to ensure that as many ideas as possible change into great ideas

Brain Fuel lets you look at your problem from a different perspective. This allows you to come up with incredible new ideas you’d normally never think of. So, are you an innovator, teacher, strategist, entrepreneur, designer, student, humanitarian or anyone else who wants to solve a problem in a creative way? Brain Fuel is your answer.


On the side, I photograph some of our sessions and products. Feel free to contact me about my photography.


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