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Podcast, Live Radio and a Sharing Community


Inspire, connect and exhibit Communication and Multimedia Design students and their projects.


A weakly podcast about present-day topics and projects and a Live Radio show hosted at CMD events.


Over 40 regular listeners on the podcast and two live events so far!

What about Live

Radio is an awesome media to keep visitors up to date at an event of any scale. Allowing the hosts to share their views on the topics at hand and collecting visitor’s responses.

Combining talks and music into a continues broadcasts allowed us to keep people tuned in to our station whilst keeping them informed on the topics at hand. 

The crew changed from event to event. Giving us a fresh way of presenting the show every time. Whilst we did manage to keep a consistent level of quality with the help of two or three regular crew members.

Key features

  1. Every Wednesday we released a new 20-minute long podcast.
  2. The podcast is available through almost every big podcast medium like iTunes, SoundCloud & the default podcast app on Android.
  3. The listeners count still goes up even until this day.

The People

We didn’t keep count of all the people we talked to, shared their stories and connected them to others and projects. But we did capture some of these moments on camera.

What they say

“Professionally precise. Lapka Radiation reveals highly accurate information about the radioactive particles.”



Perry Martens

“Professionally precise. Lapka Radiation reveals highly accurate information about the radioactive particles around you and how they might be affecting you.”

Alisia Poutsma

“Professionally precise. Lapka Radiation reveals highly accurate information.”

Mrs. Cat

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