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Enabling you to tell your story is my primary objective. Mainly focussing on the possibilities of voice lets us explore a medium that keeps gaining in popularity. From people listening to a podcast during their daily commute to a source of entertainment in the late hours.

We’ve got the knowledge and tools to enable you to use voice to its full potential. A quality recording setup and proper distribution channels serve as the foundation for our work.


Voice is the way to connect with your audience in the most natural way possible.


Professional grade recording equipment enables you to stay true to the standards of today’s high-quality content.


Finetune your message during editing and execute the quality control required to stay true to your brand.


Having your podcast to be available on the right channels, from iTunes to Spotify & Youtube is key to delivering your content to its listeners.

Podcasts produced

All of the parties below have utilized our tools and skill to bring their ideas to life.

Services & Pricing

Basic 20-minute show

The best way to explore podcasting.
Pricing starts at € 90,-

Quality 40-minute show

Broadcasting your story through voice.
Pricing starts at € 160,-

A live show, with or without video

Connecting to your audience during an event or gathering.
Please contact me for pricing.

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